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to improve wiki Edit

things you can do to improve this wiki:

stop using other peoples' art without their permission for you ocs

it's theft and makes you look stupid

so yeah that'd be great

Powerhouse411 (talk) 14:31, December 2, 2014 (UTC)

Listen here, I understand the desire to defend other people's art. That's understandable. But what isn't understandable is your holier-than-thou approach to it. NOBODY here has EVER claimed ANY of the art being used as theirs. EVER. And this is a fanon wikia, using art you find is kinda the norm. And the common courtesy is to not claim it as your own and to remove it if the owner of the art asks you to do so. It's also the common courtesy to not go around editting other people's templates and pages as a part of some stupidly misguided crusade. If you TRULY believed in this, there are a LOT more Fanon Wikia you could be spouting this on. But you're not. You only came here because it's a small wikia with a small defense against assholes like you. Now I request that you don't go around doing this again, or I WILL be reporting you to Wikia Central and having your IP address banned for vandalism considering you were editting peopel's stuff without permission. 

To sumarize, it's not theft. You're the one who looks stupid. And to improve upon this wikia we'd need a larger user base and active administration to prevent pricks like the anon above from doing whatever the hell they please. House out.

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