Scarecrow is a gunner who loves to inspire fear in people.

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Caption: The Terror of the West
Gender Male
Species demon
Level 60
Class Gunner
  • Terror of the West
  • Quick armed Outlaw


Scarecrow is a slim boney boy, and is very tall and lankey. He has mid-length orange hair and blue eyes, with black bags underneath them. Other than that, he wears a brown gunner outfit.


He is the sadisticly silent types, only speaking in the midst of battle (or when really neccessary) and thats only to say something to terrify his opponents. He has no regard for life in the least, and is very greedy. He only cares for one person, his girlfriend Dawn, a healer.





  • Scarecrow is a nickname, and it is unknown what his full name is.
  • His bullets emmit a green glow.

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